Composite acrylic products

Composite acrylic products

Products made of composite acrylic belongs to new group of decorative materials with a very wide possibility of using as a finishing elements in building construction industry. Acrylic composites that are used to their manufacture are ecological material composed of acrylic dispersion, quartz sand, fillers, iron pigments, colored sands and other additives that improves functionality properties. These products are part of SYSDEKOR PROCHEM decorative system. The composites composition and production methods are submitted to the Polish Patent Office (Patent Application No. P.398212).

The SYSDEKOR PROCHEM decorative system also includes decorative planks SDP-D and tiles SDP-C (handmade bricks imitation).

Decorative planks SDP-D are produced in the form of flexible strips of width 20 cm, 16 cm, 13 cm and common length 260 cm. They are painted in two primary colors: light, dark and eight colors accordint to templet on the individual order. They are also available in white color  as well as in 3 modern patina colors: brown, olive, beige. They may be used to finish off the partial or total area of external buildings facade of single and multi-family buildings. It is possible to use them indoors of residential and public buildings. They are characterized by very good decorative qualities (very good texture of wood planks imitation) and the materials that are made from guarantees long service life (5 years warranty if properly assembled according to manufacturer’s instructions). Proper maintenance of the facade according to the manufacturer’s instructions allows to achieve similar life time comparing to standard acrylic plaster.

Decorative tiles SDP-C are imitation of handmade bricks. They are produced as a tiles with texture and color imitates the look of old bricks. They come in eight colors according tothe catalog. Adhesive for the tiles also serves as the grout and comes in 4 catalog colors.
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Decorative planks

Decorative tiles SDP-C